Take Away Tips From Dow Chemical

   By: Madison Hutton

   Resume Tips

  • Your Resume is your ticket to an interview
  • If you include an objective/summary, stay away from generic text
  • Use the top line in your resume to show how you would bring value to the company
  • Use powerful active verbs in your resume such as, Manage, Direct, Increase, Improve, and Lead
  • Highlight how your skills will benefit the potential employer
  • Show company knowledge in your intro email or cover letter
  • Don’t focus on your shortcomings. Avoid phrases like “although I don’t have much experience”
  • Highlight your accomplishments not just your job description
  • Ask yourself “so what” when you write your resume
  •  LinkedIn should have all jobs that are listed on resume
  • Social Media expert: always put most up to date analytics
  • Employer needs to be able to see key highlights in 30 seconds or less
  • Showcase your skills in portfolio or on personal website
  • Resume should only be one page maximum

Interviewing Tips

  • Take a moment the night before to think about stories and examples from everything you’ve accomplished
  • Always overdress
  • Match handshake
  • Exude confidence through your verbal and non-verbal language
  • End sentences very strong
  • Impress the interviewer. Always stand out.
  • Use the equation: WAIT + DETERMINE + ANSWER +SUPPORT +STOP
  • Always take a breath/pause and determine your answer
  • Eliminate the word “just” from the interview process
  • NEVER bring up salary
  • Always send a follow up note

Posted on October 5, 2015 .