Dress To Impress

By: Natalie Campbell 

As many of us college students know, at one point or another in our lives there comes a time when you will have an interview for the job of your dreams. Interviews are all about first impressions and marketing yourself. With that being said, the outfit you wear to an interview is one of the most crucial aspects of defining who you are. Whether you’re worth the position you’re applying for or not, you better dress like it. You may not be remembered for how well you dressed but surely you can be negatively remembered for how bad you looked. Avoid this obstacle and dress to get hired. Many jobs may have more of a casual dress code but remember you don’t have the job yet so it’s better to be overdressed then underdressed. 


For Men

It is reccommended that men wear a matching 2-piece suit colored suit. A navy or dark grey work well with a long sleeve collared shirt, preferably white or other neutral colors. A tie is also important, and most of the time required. Try and stick with a solid color, but don’t go overboard with a pattern or loud print. Shoes should be dark leather (clean and polished) worn with equally dark socks that are tall enough to cover the ankles. Belts typically coincide with the shoes, so find a leather belt that is similar to the color of your shoes. It’s important to try on your outfit the night before to be sure everything fits appropriately.  Make sure you iron out any visible wrinkles for the best possible look.


For Women

A woman’s look is a little more complex compared to a man’s. You can either wear a suit jacket or a blazer. Both go hand in hand, but a suit jacket tends to be more formal. With either choice in mind, try to aim for a navy, dark grey or even black. Either option can be paired with a blouse, preferably collared. Look for a shirt with a neckline more on the high side. You never want to show too much skin. Transparent blouses are completely unacceptable! As for a skirt, it should be just past the knees and long enough to comfortably sit down in.  Consider wearing pantyhose for more of a professional look. As for shoes, you should wear close-toed heels/pumps with a conservative height, no higher than 2 ½ inches. Lastly, you can accessorize with simple jewelry such as accent studs or pearls. You could even throw in a fitted watch as long as its color coordinates. Try and avoid hoops and bangles or anything that can jingle as it may annoy interviewer.

Research shows it only takes six seconds for an employer to look at your resume to decide if you’re a viable candidate. It takes even less than that for someone to judge your appearance, so it’s important to dress for the job you want. Some more things to consider when dressing for an interview are to cover any visible tattoos and remove any facial piercings you may have. Depending on what a company may permit, it’s better to come in with a cleaner look.

Posted on November 9, 2015 .