The dark side of social media

By: D.J. Glover

Social media is an amazing tool that allows people to connect and share information distances away in mere seconds. It provides us with news, the latest updates in culture and business and entertainment. Though there are many benefits, social media also has negative aspects.

For example, there is anonymity and perceived safety behind a keyboard. The perceived anonymity causes vicious comments and behaviors to be posted in frequency. Reality star Kim Kardashian’s alarming victimhood of robbery is example enough of how people can be insensitive and downright cruel. Being bound and robbed at gunpoint in the privacy of your residence is a traumatic experience for anyone. People seem to forget that reality stars are humans with emotions, too. Many negative comments have emerged, like disgusting posts talk about killing or even sexually assaulting her. This behavior is unacceptable and a low point of human sensitivity.

What many of these individuals don’t seem to understand is that their comments are seen, and every action has a consequence. As up and coming PR practitioners, we have the right to post our feelings and thoughts about all types of events, but our words can be seen by anyone. Especially controversial opinions and comments may result in unemployment. Even worse, you may not even be noticed for an interview.

Your social media says so much about you and perceptions are what count most. Remember, when you want to make a post about any topic, think about how others may perceive it, and if it is publicly appropriate. Again, social media is an incredible tool with limitless potential, but use it intelligently. When in doubt, err on the side of caution. 

Posted on October 19, 2016 .