The importance of embracing your dream

By: Elena Panyard

When I first started public relations I knew that my dream job would be to work in the music industry. Working in entertainment public relations is not the most common career path, so instead of telling people that’s what I wanted to do I would tell people I wanted to do a more common form of public relations, corporate.

 It wasn’t until I heard motivational speaker Michael Miller talk about saying “I will” instead of “I want to” that I started telling people I was going to do PR in the music industry one day.

The whole idea of this is that you can “want” a lot of things, but that does not mean you are going to achieve them. Saying “I will” is a whole new form of motivation. If you tell yourself that you will, you subconsciously start taking the steps you need to get there.

Once I started confidently saying “I am going into music PR,” rather than, “I want to do music PR” I completely changed tracks. I started doing PR for a concert on campus, a professor reached out to me and gave me the contact info for someone who could help me and I started to find internships that actually excited me.

Finding your passion and confidently working towards it gives you an entirely different drive than just accepting the track that you are on. So think about your dream job, start saying “I will” and then maybe, you will.

Posted on February 6, 2017 .