10 Reasons to go to Conference

1.  Expanding your knowledge - At Age of Polarization, you’re going to walk away knowing something you didn’t before. This conference is about learning new dynamic material in a time of constant change.

2.  Networking- Our conference will allow you to network with some of the top PR professionals in Michigan.

3.  Focus- Sometimes we doubt our major, even when we’re half-way done with it. This will allow you to regain your focus for public relations.

4.  Encouragement- You’ll be even more fired up for public relations! Your productivity and passion for public relations will dramatically increase and you’ll want to do more than ever.

5.  Trends- Current trends in the professional workplace change every single day. As college students, we’re not always aware of what’s going on. Our speakers will be here to share and educate our audiences on what’s new and what’s to come.

6. Our speakers- Between top PR agencies and Fortune 500 company executives, our speakers have all the bases covered.

7.  Inspiration- sometimes we get into a creative rut and not sure where to go with our next project. Hearing new ideas and outside ideas can inspire you to something new with anything!

8. Ah-ha Moments- When you listen to speakers and absorb the expertise, talk to others with the same passion and learn about new things, you’ll have your Ah-ha moments.

9. Surrounding Passion- You’ll be surrounded by people who have the same passion that you do for PR.

10.  Food- We have food. Good food. What more can be said?

Posted on April 13, 2017 .