Tips for creating a stand-out resume

By: Alexis Schuchert

Show, don’t tell

You might have  section on your resume where you list the skills that are most impactful for the job you’re applying for. Listing skills can get boring to read. Show what skills you have by describing how you’ve used them in previous jobs. Instead of saying you’re a leader, describe situations where your leadership made an impact.

Measure it

Public relations might not be a STEM field, but don’t be fooled: numbers matter. Make your material measurable whenever possible. Don’t just say you helped a company increase their following on social media-- include how many new followers you gained. Let the numbers do the talking.

Make content count

Strategically decide which experiences you include on your resume based on the job you’re applying for. You might discuss your past internships, volunteer experiences, part-time jobs, or clubs you were involved in. It all depends on the job. What might be a relevant experience for one position might not be as effective when applying for another.

Make key words count

In resumes, less is more. Most of the time, recruiters will not read every single word on your resume, especially if it’s a big company with hundreds of other applicants. Keywords make your resume faster and easier to read. For example, a public relations practitioner’s resume could include keywords like “social media skills,” “communication skills” and “research skills.” You could also include personal attributes like “creativity,” “organization” and “reliability.”  

Design a header

Placing an attractive and informational header has the ability to make a resume stand out. This should include your name and contact information. Including a header is simple, but effective.

Don’t forget your business card

Not everyone is going to want to take your resume, so have personalized business cards on hand. Business cards are small, effective and easy to exchange. Hand them out to every company you make an elevator pitch to. This is a tangible way for your name to be remembered.

Once you have your resume ready to go, head to the CMU Department of Journalism/PRSSA Internship Fair on Nov. 7 in the UC Rotunda from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Posted on October 31, 2018 .