How to find comfort at your internship

By Teddy Wingert

Being surrounded by a new group of people can be very intimidating, especially in a professional setting. Finding how to navigate the do’s and don’ts of an organization can be tough. Every intern wants to put their best foot forward and get the days of uncertainty behind them. Here are a few tips that should help finding comfort at your internship a bit sooner.

Gain knowledge of the organization

Anyone can do research to obtain general information about an organization. However, as an intern, you have an opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes. If you observe or encounter something you don’t understand, ask questions and seek out answers. Gaining knowledge of an organization can only help and your enthusiasm will be appreciated by co-workers.

Make intentional connections

Getting to know others will only make this internship transition easier. Show interest in people’s positions. Ask them about their passions and life outside of work. A lot of your time will be spent with your co-workers, so it’s best to break the ice as soon as possible. Share yourself and be willing to listen about others in return. The connections you make may take you farther than this internship alone.

Communicate and activate your skills

Learning in the classroom is a completely different experience compared to activating your skills in the workplace. If an opportunity arises for you to utilize your skills, be upfront and offer to assist in the project. Your supervisor is probably as eager to know your skills as you are to execute them. If you are asked to help with a task you are uncertain of, be willing to learn and growth will come from it.

The first day at an internship can create a lot of nerves. Gaining knowledge of the organization, making intentional connections and using your skills will set you up for success in no time. Think about how you want to look back on your experience, and take the steps it takes to get there. Take advantage of your internship by stepping in with both feet and experiencing an opportunity of a lifetime.

Posted on May 2, 2018 .