Third times a charm

By: Lauren Hendrick

When I was a freshman in fall 2016, I was set on becoming an Elementary teacher. I knew that I wanted to teach the third grade and I even had a vision of what my future classroom would look like.  

As I started my second year of the major, I began to realize I was not as passionate about the field as others. I saw the passion in my classmates’ eyes when they talked about their new lesson plans, while I found it to be a chore. I knew something had changed within me and I wasn’t truly meant to be a teacher. 

I decided I could see myself flourishing in the business world, however, I wanted something fun and creative. Junior year I chose to major in marketing and I learned quickly through many math-related tears that I was not in the right major. I was feeling like I would never find a major that truly fits me. 

 I talked to a fellow classmate about public relations. I had heard those words before, but I didn’t really know what they entailed.  After researching PR, a light turned on in my head. Public relations was exactly what I had been looking for. As a junior who was halfway through fall semester, I did not think there would be any possible way to change my major for the third time without having to spend too many years drowning in student debt. 

 I decided to make an appointment with an advisor and he told me about the journalism major with a concentration in public relations. Having already earned a Bachelor of Science, I was told I am able to complete the major in my last three semesters with an internship the summer after my senior year. This was such a relief. After finding a major that completely suits me, I plan to graduate in December of 2020. 

I look forward to my future in the public relations field. 


Posted on October 12, 2019 .