Chapter Events and Fundraising

Chapter Events and Fundraising committee members have combined to allow students to practice creativity while planning socials, fundraisers, and the spring banquet. Students will gain experience with event planning and budgeting. 


Contact JennaMcdonnell at or Nicole Bowers at for more information. 

Professional Development

Professional Development Committee members will grow their professional network, showcase event planning skills, craft portfolio pieces and much more while planning CMU PRSSA's largest events. You could take a lead role in planning the annual internship fair in the fall or book our next guest speaker for the spring conference.


Contact Abby Fischer at or Brianna Walter at for more information. 


Public Relations committee members are the writers of CMU PRSSA's brand. Weekly blogs, monthly newsletters, the annual report and other publications inform and educate target audiences. The publications are excellent peer edited portfolio materials that provide a wide sample of writing ability. 


Contact Anna Kendall at for more information.