How To Succeed in Public Relations as an Introvert

By: Elise Hubel

Public relations is one of the most social fields there is. I mean, it has public in the name! As a profession that requires more talking and more interactions than most, it is easy to assume that every public relations professional is an extreme extrovert. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Just like in the real world, public relations consists of both extroverts and introverts. Now you may be thinking, how on earth does an introvert succeed in a field that requires so much human interaction? The answer is, there are many ways for an introvert to fit in and be successful in the field of PR. Introverted people have many traits that are highly beneficial as a public relations professional.



Often times, a PR profession will handle numerous clients all at one time. This juggling of various activities can often be overwhelming. With so many different tasks, all based on different client needs, it is important that those in public relations are able to concentrate on each task at hand, while still maintaining all deadlines. Introverts are often known for their high concentration skills. Because of their tendencies to think more than they speak, those considered to be introverted are able to concentrate on each task at hand, while simultaneously juggling numerous tasks. These increased abilities to concentrate, allow introverted individuals to excel in the PR world by allowing them to handle the many tasks needed as a PR professional.



Introverts are often stuck inside their own heads. Rather than candidly speaking or behaving, as their extroverted colleagues may, introverted people will thoroughly consider their words or actions before sharing with others. In a world as public as PR, this trait can be highly rewarding. Any work produced for public relations will be shown to hundreds, if not thousands of people. Whether press release, a new campaign or simply a social media post, all work done by a PR professional will be seen by the public. An introverts tendency to carefully plan his/her actions ensures that all produced work will be professional and up to the client’s expectations.



Public relations is all about achieving goals. Whether the goal is to make a client appear better to the public, to increase Twitter followers or to create more awareness of a new campaign, every task in public relations requires a concrete mission. Once a measurable outcome is set, a PR professional does all they can to achieve it. Commitment to goals is a major introvert trait. Regardless of the desired outcome, individuals considered introverted will do whatever it takes to ensure their goals are met. This innate need to accomplish his/her objectives makes an introverted PR professional an asset to any organization, as he/she is certain to work as hard as possible toward his/her desired outcome.  

Posted on November 1, 2015 .