Social media snapshots while traveling

By: Ethan Hogan

We’re all going to embark on travels in our lifetime. You might even be traveling this holiday weekend to and from your hometown. As PR professionals, we want to capture the moments. Here’s a few tips on how to make sure your travels are properly documented on social media:

1.      Quality over quantity. Make sure the photo you take is stunning. As we scroll through Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, we want to see the beauty of nature or the structural beauty of a city. A million bad photos are worth less than one great photo.

2.      Be original. You may post a picture of iconic structure or a beautiful landscape, but make sure it’s not something you see frequently.

3.      Make sure you’re not experiencing your travel “through the scene.” Take a moment and step back from the camera or phone and enjoy your moment. You’re not going to be where you’re at that exact time ever again. Take in that breath of European air or watch the American horizons.

In today’s society, we’re told that the world needs to know the great and exciting things we’re doing. Remember to take a great photo, post it and then take the rest of your time to enjoy your travels.  



Posted on November 23, 2016 .