'Tis the season for nonprofit PR

By: Ethan Hogan

Lights lining shop windows, the first snowfalls of the season and Christmas carols on the radio can only mean one thing: nonprofits are busier than ever.

Nonprofit public relations allows you to fulfill a lifelong passion. Doing nonprofit PR means you can turn take your passion to the next level by helping your community. Nothing says giving back more than giving your time to a cause that you feel excited about.

Here are a few tips to work PR in the nonprofit sector:

1.      Take advantage of social media. A popular trend within nonprofit PR if the use of “paying it forward” campaign. Encourage your following to perform an act of kindness and begin the domino effect.

2.      Get creative. A nonprofit needs a support base and you’re going to help spread the message of support. Bring first hand stories and situations that will move an audience. It’s necessary to fundraise and take donations, or even encourage funding through legislation.

3.      Tell your stories from the heart. If you care about the cause, chances are others will, too. Put that passion on to paper. In order to promote a brand that betters communities and the people within, you need a touch of heart to get the job done.

4.      Make sure it’s your passion. There are a variety of nonprofits that cover almost every matter and problem the world has. Do some research into the company and make sure their core values align with yours’s. I always find that working with a nonprofit that hits home are the best ones to work for. 

Posted on December 7, 2016 .