What to bring to internship fair

By: Abby Fischer

Internship fair doesn’t have to be intimidating. The best way to conquer those nerves is to be prepared! Here is a list of things you should bring to Internship Fair.

1. Your Sunday Best.

Dress to impress by wearing your best suit. Make sure your outfit is professional and not too flashy - you want the focus to be on your personality and your skills, not your outfit.

2. A Smile.

It’s like they say in “Annie,” you’re never fully dressed without a smile. Make sure you’re approaching booths with a smile and a positive attitude.

3. Notepad and a Pen.

You may need to jot some information down, and potential employers will be impressed that you came to the Internship Fair prepared. Don’t be that kid who’s typing notes into their phone.

4. Resume.

Obviously, you’re going to want to bring a few copies of your resume. Look over the list of businesses who will be attending, and make sure you have enough copies to hand out to all the businesses you’re interested in. Side note: make sure you review and update your resume before you hit print. Double check spelling, update any new information and remove anything that isn’t relevant.

5. Business Cards.

If you have business cards, bring some to give to potential employers. Some recruiters might not accept resumes, but rather ask you to upload one to the company website. You want to make a lasting impression, so if they won’t accept a paper resume, offer them a business card.

6. A Folder.

Bring a folder to carry your resumes and business cards. This way they won’t get damaged, and you’ll look much more professional and organized.

7. Your A-Game.

Give yourself a pep talk, do a power pose in the mirror before you leave your apartment and practice your elevator pitch. If you know what you’re going to say before you get there, you won’t feel nearly as nervous.

Posted on October 17, 2017 .