Five Steps to Take After Internship Fair

By: Haley Les

1. Send out a follow up email

It is important to send potential employers a follow up email so that they know you’re interested in the position. Potential employers receive so many resumes; sending a thank you email will help separate yourself from others. It would also be helpful to include distinct topics from conversations you had with potential employers in your email. Make sure that the email is well written and professional. 

2. Organize/keep track of notes

Taking notes is important not only during an internship fair but also very much after. Revising your notes from an internship fair will help you organize them as well. There are so many different employers which is why organization is key when following up with them. This step will also help you keep track of all the different positions available within companies.

3. Consider suggestions from potential employers

Critique yourself after the internship fair to help yourself improve. Pay attention to what potential employers suggest you to work on. For instance, if you were told to work on your writing skills, it would be a good idea to practice writing. 

4. Revise

Make sure to triple check your resume and LinkedIn account for anything that could be revised. Look for previous employers on LinkedIn to help with references for future employers. Review and revise the questions you asked at the fair for beneficial information. Remember: this is only the beginning, and there is always time to improve for next year’s internship fair.

5. Practice your interviewing skills

The interview stage is the scariest part for some students, which is why practice is key. Watch videos online, practice with friends, and read tips.

Posted on November 1, 2017 .