The role of PR in nonprofit organizations

By: Abby Fischer

Working in nonprofit PR can be very rewarding, especially if you work with a nonprofit organization you’re passionate about. Here is a glimpse at some of the work nonprofit PR specialists are tasked with.

1. Conduct fundraising campaigns

Fundraising is essential for nonprofits to survive, and as a PR specialist working in nonprofit, you’ll create lots of fundraising efforts.

2. Volunteer recruitment

Just like fundraising, finding volunteers to work events your organization puts on is very important. You will have to find various ways to recruit volunteers through email, social media and other platforms.

3. Utilize social media

Social media is a large part of all forms of public relations, so it’s no surprise that you’ll need to hone in those skills in nonprofit PR. Social media is a great tool to use when recruiting volunteers or promoting an event. While working in nonprofit PR, you’ll utilize this tool frequently.

4. Lobbying/advocacy

In order to make a change, most nonprofits have to call government officials to action on the issue. Lobbying is an important part of nonprofit PR because the way you portray information to government officials will affect the outcome of the decision.

5. Help mold and create the nonprofit’s story

A large part of nonprofit PR is creating a story that sticks with your nonprofit’s image that your audience can relate to or empathize. This is a crucial part of the success of your nonprofit’s PR and it will branch out into many different campaigns and promotions.

6. Promote an idea or cause

Most importantly, when working in nonprofit PR you are promoting an important cause or idea that will help make a difference in the world and change people’s perspective. Working in this industry is a great way to affect change through your career and help others.

Posted on November 22, 2017 .