Great gifts for your PR professional

By: Krystal Black

· Starbucks gift card

PR professionals spend long days and nights working hard to complete their tasks, so what’s better than the gift of caffeine?

· AP Style Book

You can’t remember everything you learned in school, so you can’t go wrong with the newest edition of the style book.

· External hard drive

Anyone who writes a lot can use a little bit more space to store pieces of writing or to store extra pictures in general.

· PR Week subscription

This is a great magazine and a way for PR professionals to stay up-to-date in the PR world.

· Stationary

Decorated notepads, cards and letters are perfect for jotting down daily reminders. In addition, everyone can use stationary for thank you cards, especially after the holiday season.

· Planner

Help that PR professional in your life stay on track with a planner. How else will your loved one know when that dinner you planned for them is?

· Fitbit

Fitbits can track heart rate and sleep, so why not give the gift that will help them stay on track?

The holiday season is the perfect time to give back to special people in your life. With the holidays so close, give the PR professional in your life something useful and something they will surely use in their everyday lives. 

Posted on December 18, 2017 .