How to make the most of conference

By: Abby Fischer

Like most things in life, spring conference is what you make of it. Take advantage of all conference has to offer with these tips.

Talk to the speakers

The speakers coming to conference are really excited to share their insights with us, so take advantage of that and do some networking. Introducing yourself and making connections with speakers could help you get a job or internship down the line. At this year’s conference, attendees will have the opportunity to speak with the VP of corporate communications at Edelman, the director of customer lifecycle management at General Motors and several others. This conference has a broad panel of speakers from different areas of PR, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Be attentive

Although live-Tweeting is encouraged, try to stay away from viewing your social media feed. Twitter, Instagram and Facebook will still be there when conference ends. Be attentive by listening to speakers and jotting down key pieces of information. 

Take notes

Just because you aren’t in a classroom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t jot down a few notes. After all, conference is a learning experience. You’ll have lots of information to process during the conference, so taking notes on a few important takeaways will help you later when you’re trying to apply what you learned to your work.

Network with classmates

Spring conference is a great opportunity to meet new people in the PR program. It’s always nice to take a class with someone you know, so introduce yourself to some of your fellow PR students in your sessions. Odds are you’ll probably end up with a class or two together at some point in your time at Central.

Posted on March 12, 2018 .