How to prepare for conference

 By: Alexis Golfis

Conference is just around the corner, and attendees can make it a great experience by preparing in the following ways:

1. Wear business professional clothing

Make a great first impression by dressing business professional. For women, this means dress pants, dress or skirt with a blazer or night blouse. Men should stick to a suit and tie. 

2. Bring resume and business cards

There will be plenty of time for networking with peers and professionals in the field, so make sure to get to know those around you.

3. Bring a phone charger, notebook and pen

You’ll want to take notes during the presentations, so make sure you have the tools in order to succeed. Plus, live tweeting is encouraged, so be sure to have a phone charger on hand in case your battery dies.

4. Bring a positive attitude and open mind

This conference will hit on many hot topics. You will get a lot out of conference if you allow yourself to take advantage of every opportunity.

Posted on March 12, 2018 .