Help wanted: Internship search tips

By: Madeline Tunison

As summer quickly approaches, students are competing for internships. Here are some tips to help you find the internship of your dreams.

Explore what kind of internship you want.

There are seemingly endless paths in the PR profession, so be sure to see which ones interest you. There are opportunities in agencies, healthcare companies, non-profit organizations and corporations. Do some research to see which fields you’re most interested in. It’s best to begin your internship search with a goal in mind.

Build your portfolio.

Your portfolio should should showcase the work you’ve done within the PR profession. You should always have a hardcopy of your portfolio and an online version. Our job is to communicate efficiently and having multiple platforms to showcase your work proves that. Your online portfolio should contain general information about yourself, contact information and your resume.

Research companies.

Find companies that could benefit you in your learning. Companies that reflect core values that you agree with can make your internship experience more enjoyable. Knowing a company's background, purpose and core values will also aid in the interviewing process. If you're well read on a company, it will show you care and separate you from candidates blindly searching for an internship.

Start your search early.

Don’t wait until the last minute to begin looking for an internship. The sooner you apply, the better for everyone involved. You’ll feel less rushed and flustered for the rest of the interview process which will help you feel more prepared and confident moving forward.

Use these tips to show companies what a valuable asset you are and land your dream internship.

Posted on February 13, 2019 .