Revamping your personal brand

By: Dajuan Young

Finding fresh and innovative ways to brand yourself on social media is the perfect way to start 2019. Check out these tips on implementing techniques to enhance your appearance and develop your brand through your social media accounts.

Combine personal and professional life

Fusing together the personal and professional aspects of your life is a great way to establish  your brand. Posting about what you do in your spare time allows your audience to connect with you and builds a personal  bridge with your audience and makes you more relatable.

However, be mindful about what you post. Don’t ever use explicit or inappropriate material to establish  your brand. Your accounts are a representation of you and your values. Once you post something, even if you delete it, will always be on the internet forever.

Vary your media content

People learn in a variety of ways. Some connect best through visual displays, while others learn best auditorily. The audience you’re appealing to is likely diverse  in this aspect . Different media outlets like podcasts, videos and newsletters allow your audience to connect with you in multiple ways and have the opportunity to choose which one fits them best.

Look aesthetically pleasing

Looks aren’t everything, but they are an important thing. You only have one chance  to make a first impression and it’s important to make it count. Appealing to your intended audiences’ visual senses is a good start for creating a favorable first impression of your brand. Contrast, dominance and color that are properly implemented will quickly capture someone’s eye and drag them in.

Try out these tips and watch it impact your personal brand.

Posted on February 7, 2019 .