Keeping it fresh, PR style

By: Kaitlyn Bondar

Public relations is an ever changing field. Your dream job may not have existed 10 years ago or may not even exist now. To stay fresh, professional development and networking are essential. These are important aspects of working in public relations and are timeless skills. Their forms may change, but the idea stays the same.

Throughout my four years at CMU and three in the integrative public relations program, there have been many changes in the PR field. Although classes have changed, CMU is still offering the best integrative program possible to set students up for success. With the addition of social media analytics, psychology and business courses, CMU is equipping its students for success after graduation.

Taking extra PR related electives will help you  get your feet wet in various areas of the profession. The graphic design course you struggled in might set you apart because of the plethora of pieces you created for your portfolio. The statistics course you dreaded might help you communicate with future clients about social media analytics.  Challenge yourself to take classes that challenge you, invoke critical thinking and add to your toolbelt.

Keep up with changes by staying  involved on campus, especially in your field of study. Attend as many conferences, club meetings and study group sessions as you can. Join organizations like PRSSA, PR Central and other related clubs on campus. Go to professional development meetings and stay after to network with the speaker. All the extra work will pay off when you enter your professional career.  

Posted on March 14, 2019 .