PR strategies in bloom

By: Alexis Schuchert

Public relations strategies are constantly changing and it’s your job as a communications professional to stay up to date. Check out these strategies that are currently trending in the PR world.

Live video streams

The next superior social media trend may be live streaming. Facebook and YouTube are two of the apps that authorize brands to go live using any mobile device. This helps spread news quickly while allowing the audience to engage. Understanding today’s most popular live video platforms is important for PR professionals to stand out.

Quantifiable results

Clients want tangible and valuable results. They would rather receive a report detailing the effect a company’s social media strategy is having on sales than a clever new Facebook post every day. Learning to quantify your impact on a company is becoming essential. This will help you stay competitive and  present your worth to clients. To grow as a PR leader, you need to find ways to deliver the results your clients are looking for.


Another growing PR trend are chatbots. Chatbots are a computer program that ignite conversations with human users, especially your target audience and customers. Chatbots work to offer customer service and access to vital information. Chatbots provide a form of customer service, help reach audience members and build audience engagement. Facebook Messenger is one of the most effective forms. The key is to grow your contacts and use it to strategically deliver content.

Keep these trends in mind to stay ahead of the game and to grow as a PR professional. These are only a fraction of what’s out there, so always be on the lookout for the latest and greatest PR strategies.

Posted on March 14, 2019 .