Don’t be a couch potato, get involved 

By: Kasia Naessens

Your first year in a new environment is always scary. My freshman year I was scared to death. I overthought way too much about being able to make new friends, finding organizations to join and finding my way around campus. All of my fears diminished within a week because of the opportunities I was provided with. 

If you have the same fears, doubts or hesitations, let me fill you in on why you should get involved during your time in college. 

1. Build your resume

Joining an organization, sports team, sorority or fraternity makes you stand out, especially if you hold a position (like president, secretary, etc.). Employers, graduate programs and other organizations love to see you do things outside of the classroom. It shows you have excellent time management, organizational skills and real-world experience.

2. New friends and connections

Not only can you meet some of your greatest friends, but you also make connections with people who can help you in the future; especially if you join a club or organization that relates to your major. We will all be professionals one day, it never hurts to start expanding your contact list now. You never know what benefits this can bring down the road. 

3. Gain professional experience

With programs like PRSSA and PR Central, students are provided with opportunities to gain real-world experience before actually stepping into the real world. So why not take the chance? Joining an organization will only benefit you and set you farther ahead of other candidates for a potential job. 

4. The chance to make memories

When looking back at your college days, you don’t want to just remember studying and going to class. Getting involved will allow you to make some of the greatest memories with great people. 

Find something you love and are passionate about, and do something great with it. You never know where it will take you in your personal and professional careers after college. It could really allow you to find your niche, your people and yourself.

Posted on September 28, 2019 .