From summer to studies

By: Rachel Bednarz

For students, coming back to school from summer vacation can be hard for multiple reasons. Whether you spent the summer working, traveling or just hanging out at home, coming back to school is a big adjustment to make. Here are five ways to make the transition easier and take on the fall semester with confidence. 

1. Get a planner and actually use it

Planners are for more than just writing your schedule. They can help keep track of due dates, divide up your study time and plan for any free time you’ll have throughout the week. Studying is easier when you can plan for it. Writing things down in a planner can help you prioritize your study time and help you get used to your schedule. 

2. Limit yourself

It’s easy to become over-involved when you get back to campus. Recruitment events can make it easy to sign up for more groups than you have time for. It’s easy to put too much on your plate, so try to stick to what you can handle. Getting involved on campus is a great way to get the most out of your college career, but make sure you have time for yourself.

3. Make time for yourself

Sometimes classwork and extracurriculars can be fun, but it’s important to make time for self-care. Plan out some time during the week to get coffee with friends or relax on your own.

4. Check in with home

Some students may be experiencing being away from home for the first time. If you’re feeling homesick, make a phone call home or a Facebook post to update family on what you’ve been doing. Your family will be happy to see that you are alive and well while away at school, and they can offer reassurance for any struggles you’re facing.

5. Make use of resources

Campuses have multiple resources for students who are looking for academic assistance. Try to make connections with a tutor, resident assistant, success coach, academic advisor or someone else who can offer academic advice. These connections can come in handy during midterms or finals week if you need someone to talk to. 

Transitioning back to school can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. Using these five strategies from the beginning can make it easier to get organized and stay organized.

Posted on September 28, 2019 .